Saturday, May 23, 2015

Nativity and Lace Mat Doily

This week I started work on the Advent Nativity. The cows, sheep (with bells) and Manger  are finished.  The angels and shepherds need some more embroidery work.  I stitch on the top layer and then cut the backing with Heat and Bond on it. This is fused to the top. Makes a nice stiff but pliable figures and will add a small circle of Velcro to back.

Sister has a birthday in 15 days so I will tat this up and have it on its way  in a week. It is The Lace Mat....Pattern by Norma Benporath and chart drawn by Jon Yusoff. The doily is tatted with size 20 Lizbeth 153 Taffy Thread. The next round I might have a plain yellow for the chain stitch.

These are projects waiting for their turn to be worked on!!  LOL
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Slow Stitching Sunday ...
 Susan Flemming's Super Mom No Cape, Embroidery and Cross Stitch  on Monday.... 
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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Doily and CQ Finished

 My CQ Wall hanging is finished! All hand quilted on the seams of cq and the outer border.

Back ofCQ

Round 4 and 5. This took 8 hours and thought it would make a nice tablecloth. I will have to think hard on this. It will most likely be a beautiful big doily!! I still have 6 more rounds to go.
Mother's Day gifts from my children in New York. Sean sent Roses and Annette sent a Taste of home! The best gift of all were the phone calls.

Thank You for visiting me and love your comments. Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful projects people are working on at Kathy's Quilts. Please stop by and see them at .    Thanks Kathy for hosting this event every Sunday.
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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Doily, CQ Quilting and Advent Calendar

Round 4 and 5 of Renulek's Doily. This will take some time going all the way around. I followed Muskaan's blog and tatted all the daises  and connect them as I tat Round 4. She has lots of good tips on this doily, Thank U Muskaan. 

I have hand quilted this section and down the one side.  Below is the pattern I will quilt in.

The start of the Nativity Advent Calendar for my great nephew. My niece asked if I would make one. It took a few tries to get the right numbers on 2 1/2 inch squares. I thought about tatting, crossstitch, backstitch and the chain stitch is what looked the best and easiest.
I have knitted the sock down to the start of the heal and have been hooken the rug around the border.
We had a lot of rain with small hail but no tornadoes this week. Friday had to go to Amarillo, TX , dh has blocked artery. During all the testing a storm was raging outside with a tornado watch, just hoping it wouldn't hail and one set down. Thankfully most of the bad hail storm was South of the city.
Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful projects people are working on at Kathy's Quilts. Please stop by and see them at 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Tatted Doilies, Knitting and Hooken

Cherub Doily by Ann Wilson was tatted in memory of Cousin Bob who passed away from ALS. The bright colors to celebrate his life and will be mailed to his spouse. It is Lizbeth 20 153 - Rainbow Taffy

 Round 3 of Renulek Doily. An easy round of rings and chains, just make sure there are 3 rings before joining to the previous round. It's tatted with Lizbeth 40 163 Blue Ice.
My second pair of socks. The first sock is finished but ran out of yarn,  will knit  the second one later. This pattern is designed by Kim Goddard and is for beginners. To dress it up I knitted the rib and then did an Eyelet Ridge. They are knitted on size 2 with knit Pick Peruvian Highland wool. Love working with the yarn.
Adding more flowers to the Hook Rug.
The African Violets are blooming. They are all started with a single leaf 4 years ago.  In front are my herbs and need to get them planted in the planter.  Echinacea, Parsley, Sage and Thyme.
I stated all my seeds this year and really grew with my new grow light. In this state people do not know what broccoli or cabbage is! I have lots of tiny tomatoes.
This year I have started to grow most of my flowers in pots because of all the critters like the one below. Boy is he fast. Went between DH's legs this morning to get in to the crack of the wood fence. LOL He has doubled in size from last week. What we thought were gofers are ground squirrels. They run through the gofer holes and dig to the top and eat my plants. Look like a giant chipmunk.
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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rug Hooken and CQ Block

A project from the 70's and time to finish the hook rug.

 I took an online class with Kathy Shawkl. The past few weeks I have been working on this CQ block. It is ready to hand quilt just need the right color of thread.

The center of the Feather Star is complete and now time to quilt a Star.

Sunday is our time to walk the doggies around the loop at 5 mile park. It is a short walk and the final loop the dogs say it best....Time to Go Home!! I think it is less than a 1/2 mile around and DH can just make it. A nice stroll.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Quilting, Hooking and Embroidery

I hand quilt an hour or so every evening. This is what I have accomplished in a week. Below are the stencils I am using. The bottom stencil is new kind without the open lines and not plastic, like silk screening. Just run the Quilt Pounce over and ready to quilt. Here is the website Once I have the chalk on and start quilting some of the chalk disappears on the other side.  I have a solution for the  chalk marks to stay on. I cover up the section I am not quilting on with a piece of batting. The batting clings on and no pinning.

A relic from the 70's!! I started hooken then and life happens.
 The wool is not the same color but it was the best that I could find. Lost my hook along the way also. I purchase the one on the left and the hook was too big and uncomfortable in my hand. I found Joan Moshimer hooks made in Maine and is a smaller, comfortable hook. Like the one I used way back then. I was told they do not make that canvas any more.  I am using a rotary cutter to cut 1/8 inch strips. A rug cutter cost between $300 - 700.  I might put it aside till next fall and perhaps this summer I will find a color closer or white and dye it when I travel back home to upstate New York.

I am taking a free, online basic CQ class with Kathy Shawkl. One must take this first before going on to the advance classes. An excellent way to learn CQ. If you are interested in this class here is Kathy's blog and she will post the next time it begins again.  The best part is that you work at your own pace and doesn't have to be done in a week.
Happy Easter. Check out the eye candy on Kathy's blog.....
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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Blue Butterfly Quilt and Feather Star

Finished Deb's Quilt. The Applique is hand quilted and the rest machine using a Janome with walking foot and free motion.

New Hand quilting project. The Feather Star is a pattern of Fons and Porter in a series of magazines I believe in 2004. One of my first quilts.  It has been stashed for some years and now it is time to quilt.
Center of quilt.

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