Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Butterflies are one of Gods beautiful creatures. Perhaps that is why we all love to make them. Jane Eborall has a wonderful pattern for beginners learning the SCMR and Split Ring. Linda Davis has an excellent video on split ring . With Linda and Jane by my side I have mastered the split ring. These butterfies are so easy you can work them up in no time anywhere you are. They can be used in many projects. The Shuttle Birds Tatting Guild of Spokane, WA will be having a Butterfly Challenge Workshop, April 17 & 18. Their challenge is a 4 ring butterfly; How many variations can you create?!! Hummm sounds interesting!

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Rose Anne B said...

OOOOOOOH I LOVE anything tatted and these butterflies are beauties. I just received some from a dear friend and they are on my blog.