Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Brazilian Embroidery Fuchisas and Almond Blossoms

Completed the Petite Fuchsia with field flowers. The Burgundy petals were made with a knotted double cast-on stitch. Once you do a few it becomes fun making them. The thread used was Lola. The coral cups were made with bullion stitch. The Nova thread was thick and slippery thus making it hard to make the bullions. Pistil stitchs were made at the top to complete the flower. (long stitch with french knots using glory threads). The Blue Flowers below are Almond Blossoms with pink field flowers. They are very similar to a spider web rose in Silk Ribbon Embroidery. There are 4 spokes and the Bocule Thread is woven in and out. Using Frost Thread and a pistil stitch holds the Bocule Threads down.

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