Friday, April 24, 2009

Crazy Quilted Jacket

I have been working on this jacket for some time and finally finished the pocket and sewed it on. It is called a design as you go with a basic sweat shirt. Today I finished the front flaps leaving a 2 inch band down the center. I have three elements to go; the neck and collar, the sleeves and the band around the bottom. It would be simpler to just use a pattern and much quicker.
My "Tea is for Tatting" book from Martha Ess arrived. WOW I can see why everyone is oohing and awing!! Just gorgeous and the patterns are well written with illustrations. I even had an extra bonus. I collect stamps and there were 4 stamps from a collectors book!
It is a beautiful, warm week in New Mexico without WIND!!! However the wind is back. The garden is growing, peas and lettuce are up with some nice potatoes about 4 inches and growing every day. Time to cut rhubarb for a delicious custard pie. The strawberries and cherry tree are in full bloom. All the other fruit trees were hit with frost.


Bonnie said...

Very nice!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Linda, Your CQ jacket is looking very lovely. I look foward to seeing it done. I saw the tatted tea pot that Tatting Chic made which I think was from this pattern. I have bought heaps of tatting threads Now all I need is to learn how to tat. VBG I look forward to seeing your tatted tea pots. Hugs Judy