Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I was busily working on a Crazy Quilt Christmas Stocking when my DH brought in the mail on Monday and at that moment all work stopped to open my packages from The Quilter's Muse Publications, Pat Cummings. I thumbed through the Blue Work Sampler while the CD drive was bringing up the E-Book. The E-Book has all of the first edition "Redwork Renaissance" book designs and information plus lots of extras like the "Kissing Star and Moon" design. The works on this design is on Pat's blog from Sweden and are awesome! http://quiltersmuse.com/blog/ There is a second "Crescent Moon Goddess" and this one has stars, very interesting. I have used the book a lot for designs and information and the E-Book is even better with more designs. The "Blue Work Sampler" are just patterns (72) from an antique quilt printed on high quality paper and inserted in a folder. There is something for everyone in these redwork patterns. The first pattern was a goat, kid and a DOG!! We purchased 2 Billies on Sat and have 2 dogs. Very pleased with all the patterns.


Patricia Cummings said...

I am so happy you enjoyed the Redwork book and designs! I really do love Redwork, Bluework, etc. Just had an article published in The Quilter magazine about a rare "Yellow Work" quilt for which I've created a 32 page pattern, available on my website, Quilter's Muse Publications. Thanks for the mention. Those of us who are small publishers appreciate any attention paid to our efforts! Best, Patricia Cummings

Patricia Cummings said...

Thanks for the mention of my books and patterns for Redwork! I have a brand new pattern for an antique "Yellow Work" quilt (32 pages, a pdf file). I am working on yet another collection of antique designs, this time from a baby quilt and the motifs are adorable! Will launch that pattern shortly. Hope you'll visit Quilter's Muse Publications again soon! Thanks for calling attention to my work. Best, Patricia Cummings