Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I tatted these earrings for an Art Show this past weekend. The Carnival Tatted Earrings tatted up very quickly and the pattern is from Marlee Rockley, http://yarnplayertats.blogspot.com. However, teardrop beads cannot be found at Hobby Lobby or JoAnns so I had to order from Fire Mountain. Fire Mountain is a very good bead company but you have to plan a head.

The Beaded Oval Tatted Earrings from Julie Patterson I had to alter it some. I used size 40 Lizbeth thread and it had too many rings for the size of thread to pull through the SCMR. The first ring broke and a second ring the wire for the beads cut it a part. Instead of the wire for the top part, I used the end of the tread from the SCMR. Used a bead needle and thread it through the beads around a jump ring and back down. Tied both threads and hid them on both sides of the tatting. I was very pleased with the outcome of both patterns.

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