Monday, October 18, 2010

Alice Wilhoit

The Sisters Quilt Shop in Amarillo, Tx had a Lecture and trunk show by Alice Wilhoit. Alice published the book "Crazy Patchwork" in 2009 and the quilt shop will be teaching CQ from that book. It has clear and easy instructions to follow and very helpful for a beginner starting out in crazy quilting. Even people who have been CQing for a time can always learn something new!! Alice likes to combine applique with her CQ. The sample on the left shows this combination and this is what she teaches on her cruises and workshops. Beautiful applique and CQ stitching.

Meet Alice Wilhoit

This CQ hangs on her mantle.
Nice design and stitches. The bead edging adds to the design.

This quilt has some awesome embroidery on it. Click on it so you can see it up close. She did say the white lace around it was spendie but it makes the CQ stand out. The Roses in each corner were made with wire ribbon. Alice likes to use medium weight yarns and couches them down. Because this quilt has traveled so much and people love to feel the texture it started to sag from the lining. She had a Machine Quilter look at it and she quilted on the long arm. It was not noticeable on the front because she pretty much stayed in the seams. This one was my favorite because of the embroidery.

The Birthday Quilt! Each block on the inside has all the birthdays of the family. Lots of bling, bling on this one. The inside is separated with a strip of black cotton material with stencil embroidery around and odd pieces of jewelry on the corners. The outside border has the birthdays of the grandchildren. This quilt is made entirely of batik fabrics and is tied on the back.

It was an enjoyable day and a nice group of ladies.

Alice mentioned a new magazine will be launched in January for $12. I believe it is an online subscription from what I have read.

If you see Alice Wilhoit's classes, I recommend you attend.


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Linda - what a wonderful class this must have been to attend! I have Alice's book and so some of these quilts look familiar like old friends. Thanks for sharing all the delicious eye candy!

Miranda said...

Those are all so pretty. The one with the lace border-- is that tatting in the bottom middle block, or does it just look like it in the photo?

Quayceetatter said...

Miranda has an eagle eye!!! I believe it is tatting.
Thank you ladies.

John'aLee said...

Just found your blog and glad I did! Wonderful. I am a new fan and follower! Keep up the great work.