Monday, March 28, 2011

Victorian Symbolism Parasols

My parasol is made with bits of lace, trim and silk ribbon roses. I have a tutorial at the end.

Leslie, our moderator for the Crazy Quilting Int has written an excellent article on the use of Parasols for the well to do Victorian lady.....
Women in the Victorian era were interested in maintaining their porcelain complexions so they carried parasols
as much to block the sun and shade themselves as they did for a fashion accessory. Pale skin was a sign that a lady was above the petty day-to-day toils of the lower-class working women. Parasols were also used as tools of subtle flirtation and instilled a sense of modesty while adding a mystery and allure.
The parasol was symbol of status. Umbrellas were accessories for poorer women, while wealthy
women carried parasols as a mark of social rank, since parasols were tremendously expensive.
Given their expense, parasols were often a popular gift for noble women by worthy suitors. Hugs......Leslie

Tutorial for making a Parasol

Lightly draw the above pattern on Pellon fusible sheerweight. Any pellon will work and does not need to be fusible, it is just what I had on hand. When using the fusible make sure the bumps are on the bottom and smooth side to apply the lace. The bottom could have more of a scoop if you wanted to.

Apply a wide piece of lace in the center between the 2 lines and sew it down with invisible thread. On the blue lace I added two pieces and sewed it down the center. Add lace on both sides of the center and sew down. Turn over and cut away the pellon. Glue trim on the bottom and sew down. I sew them down to prevent them from moving and the lace is so tiny it gets lost!!

On my Parasol at the top of the page, I cut the outside lace and applied a small braid down the sides.

It is time to apply your Parasol to your project and sew it down with invisible thread. Starting in the center at the bottom sew all the way around till you reach the connecting center at the bottom. Insert braid for your handle and complete the sewing. Using a zig zag couch the braid making a handle.

Now the fun part begins.... Using braids, ribbons, flowers, beads to embellish your Parasol...

Have FUN!!

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Ruby said...

Thanks for the tutorial. Your parasol is very pretty.