Friday, April 1, 2011

Tatted Fan

The "Yoke pattern" is from Helping Hands Newsletter, Fall 2008.  The 3 medallions will someday be a shawl. Tatting half the pattern it will make a nice fan to embellish or add a bird for a peacock!! 

I have rewritten the pattern for a beginner to use. There is no designers name but this person did not want to cut threads and made each medallion (3 different sets of rings) with one shuttle. She tatted the center ring leaving ½ inch of thread to tat an outer large ring. Turning the work a small ring is tatted and connected to the center ring.

For a Beginner it is easier to make the center ring, cut and tie, then add the outer rings. One could use split rings but then you have 2 shuttles to work with and more threads to tie in. She was very clever designing this medallion.

CENTER Ring A: 1 ds, 12p with 2 ds between, 1 ds close cut and tie all threads.

 Ring B:        4ds, 8 p with 2 ds, 4 ds, close leave no thread RW

Ring C:   Medallion ONLY:       2 ds, p 3 ds Join to first P in the Center Ring 3 ds p 2ds cl RW

       *****FAN ONLY:           2 ds, p 3 ds Join to the 4th P in the Center Ring 3 ds p 2ds cl RW

REPEAT REMAINING RINGS (Medallion makes a full circle connecting all the way)

**LARGE OUTER RING Ring B: 4ds, J to last p, 7 p with 2 ds, 4 ds, close leave no thread RW

SMALL INNER RING for Medallion - 2 ds, Join to small ring, 3 ds Join to 2nd P in the Center Ring
                                                              3ds p 2ds cl RW

***** FAN ONLY        2 ds, p 3 ds Join to the next P in the Center Ring 3 ds p 2ds cl RW *

The Fan has 6 large rings and 5 small rings. Tat a bird for the center and you have a Peacock!!

Bird:       R: 10 p 1 p 10 CL RW (picots are clipped for feet)
               R: 5 small p 1 Large p 1 small p 5 CL
              Attach to the fan…



CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Linda, Your fan is very pretty. Maybe oneday if we ever meet you can give me this lesson. VBG Very nice of you to share. Hugs judy

God's Kid said...

Those are neat ideas! And great colors! :)