Monday, June 27, 2011

Fish Block

Here is the last of the CQ Round Robin block and it is Pam's Fish Block.

What is a fish block without a frog. Mr Frog was printed on Kona Cotton and sewed to fusible interfacing. Turned right side out and appliqued down with  button hole stitch and outline stitch. Beads were added and a silk ribbon Lily on the pad. Another silk ribbon Lily pad was added to the side. The seam treatments include a piece of tatting, lazy daisy stitch with beads and a fancy button hole stitch by the frog's head.
 The Dragon Fly is fly stitch using Sulky Metallic Threads and beads for the body. To the left is a small dragon fly made with beads and silk ribbon. Beads were added to the seams and Feather Stitch with beads in the corner.
                                                Here is a picture of the block I stitched on.

The whole block. Katy was the first to stitch and she beaded the entire back of the fish, added leaves and the three beautiful flowers with beads. Stunning...
When completed the block is returned to Pam in WA. Pam's first block with two people had their stitching on it was lost in the mail. How sad to lose a beautiful piece of work.. Katy and I make sure the envelope is fully taped with large address labels.
I loved working with this block, it was fun and easy to do.


Ruby said...

Love your work on this block!!

Gina said...

Lovely addition to the whole block!

Suztats said...

Very nice work!