Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tatting Exchange

Rose Anne Burdeny from Winnipeg, Canada tatted the bell and Christmas wreath. Rose Anne was my tatting exchange person in the Needles and Shuttles Yahoo Tatting Group.  The bell is the perfect size as I like small motifs and the wreath is just stunning with all the beads.  Very nice tatting and THANK YOU Rose Anne!!!!!

Here is the card Rose Anne sent along with the tatting.  When I opened the envelope I said ...WOW!!!  The Crazy Quilting group has a new round robin and it is all about sewing... Just think of the possibilities one could do with this card!!!

1 comment:

Rose Anne B said...

Oooohhhh Linda you are making me blush, but I'm very glad I sent that card as you appreciate it very much and I guess the tatting too! ENJOY!!! Thank you.