Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tatting Motifs

Maple Leaf pattern by Tammy Rogers. Tatted with Lizbeth 100-Falling leaves in size 20. 
 Humming bird pattern by Heather Johnson. One of them got into a fight and has a wonky beak!!
Tatted with Lizbeth 137 Berry Burst in size 20.

Snowflake 2 pattern by Roger aka Freedman. It is a very easy pattern worked up in two rounds. The outside are chains with a small ring at the tip. The tread is  Lizbeth snow white size 20. The pink heart is by Patti Duff, tatted with Lizbeth 145- Pink Parade size 40. The humming bird is a pattern by Karey Solomon worked up in a SCMR. It is one of my favorite bird pattern to tat up along with the Lizbeth 20 - 156 Watermelon. Jon's dragonfly also works up very quickly and nice to add in lots of projects.

These are for gifts and exchanges.


Suztats said...

They'll be perfect for gifts and exchanges! I like the hummingbird pattern. They are a favorite of mine and I love to watch them buzzing about the garden flowers and coming to the feeder. I have recently received an order of the 'falling leaves' thread and it looks so nice as a maple leaf.

God's Kid said...

Lots of nice tatting there! I love the colors! :)