Thursday, June 7, 2012

Teddy Bear Vest and Bonnet

Teddy Bear's vest is a pattern by Karey Solomon, Ring Around the Rosy, a Pattern full of Posies 1999. It took 5 repeats, 1/2 of pattern for under arms and sewed together. To connect the front and back on the shoulders I used 3 split rings with picots.  It was tatted with Lizbeth size 20 in 115 Springtime and the chains are 623 Raspberry Pink Lt.

The Bonnet is an easy NIN (newborns in need) by Merry Higby in 2001. The pattern can be found at  To fit a full size baby head one needs to increase the chains and rings to 18 and the finished back medallion to 21 p in the beginning of the first ring.  It is important to use size 10 thread as stated in the pattern, I used DMC 746 yellow.  Because it tats up so quickly I think I will tat up another with the changes.

Back of vest and medallion for attaching the main bonnet

Top of bonnet. One can see the width is fine but the length needs to be longer.


Kathy Niklewicz said...

Absolutely adorable! And nice explanations how you did these pieces. I admit to a fondness for Teddy bears, and have several with tatting or knitting on them. I have to force myself to NOT buy anymore stuffed animals!

Quayceetatter said...

Thanks Kathy, I have a few naked teddies that need some tatting on!

Bonnie said...


God's Kid said...

So sweet!!! :)