Friday, July 6, 2012

CQI Pets Round Robin-Bella Donna

Here is Gerry Hookstra's block for the CQI Pets Round Robin. Her beloved dog, Bella Donna, is pictured on all 4 corners. Gerry's request is that we use threads to match her border paw prints. Bella is looking in the corner at something and I thought of many things like a cat, bunny but the beetle  seemed to fit in. The hearts are satin stitch with Fargo Roses in the corner.
Blanket stitch makes a nice border with straight stitches and a bead on one blanket stitch. The other blanket stitch are lazy daisy with a bead.
The center flower is a pattern from Sherry Johnson. Leaves are closed Fishbone stitch. The beaded flowers and buds are made with the Up Down Cast On stitch. Mr. Caterpillar is made from Bullion Knots. A tatted heart pattern by Mark Myers, Herringbone stitch on the side. To finish this block I used silk ribbon for stem stitch with Maidenhair stitch and beads.

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Carrie P. said...

that is an interesting round robin. I have been looking at the other posts. very interesting.
thanks for stopping by my blog for the RWB block hop.
Glad to read you fly our American flag. I am proud to be an American too. good luck in my giveaway.