Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bull Shoals Arkansas

Leaving I-40 East of Ft Smith, AR we traveled the Scenic Route up to Fayetteville. The trees were at their peak and it was a windy road!! Beautiful colors.  On the way home we took I-540 with many exits to this Route.

We stayed at the Fin "N" Feather Resort in Oakland and the trees were just beginning to turn color. This is a three hour drive from Fayetteville.

The cottage we stayed in was a 2 bedroom, fully furnished kitchen and comfortable chairs and sofa. The dogs loved it there and were very good children.  There were 5 cabins with different facilities. The best part is that we were there all by ourselves to enjoy the quite beauty around us.
Not far from the cabin is a State Park. This was taken on Wed and it was a rainy, warm day. We were lucky to go during the Peak of Autumn Leaves. Usually by this time the leaves are gone.

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