Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tazzie, CQ Doggie


Tazzie meets Tazz
Tazzie meets Tazzie!!

This was my entry for the Crazy Quilts are Quilts too!  Tazzie was a fun project to make and embellished.
The pattern is by Helen at Bustle and Sew http://bustleandsew.com . She has a lot of cute patterns.
I did not win this year but there were a lot of beautiful projects. Congratulation to all the three winners and people who entered their work.

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                              Congratulations Judy. Send me an email with your address..(:



Sally Kerson said...

Both Tazzies's are adorable!
But the patchwork version is so much fun and so well made. Did you win a prize for this entry? Or hasn't the competition been held yet?

Corina said...

Wow, I love this crazy dog, it's great!

Bonnie said...

Tazzie turned out super cute!


Hello Linda, My sincere apology.. I have been away with NO computer.. MY DH pick up the mail today and there was a very lovely package from you. What a surprise. I never win anything... Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for the very lovely gift and all the goodies. I love everything you sent me...Hugs Judy

Debbie S. said...

Your Tazzies are so cute. I have a bear pattern I bought that I want to make in CQ. I can't wait to get started this fall when I have more indoor time to sew. Thanks for sharing your Tazzies.