Monday, August 5, 2013

Works in Progress

The compass center is finished and sewen to the background fabric. The triangles are ready to sew.  This will be a good 2 year project for me. The block of the month is a 1790 Marriage coverlet titled, "Love Entwined".  It is beautifully designed out by Esther Aliu. For more information please visit Esther Aliu's blog,
I was not happy with the points on the first compass. The more I fiddled with it the points started to go missing. It makes a nice design for a bag.
Easy Street was started in January and finally started to put it together. However I have one glitch...The 15 inch blocks were a might too big for the other blocks. So I have to rip them apart and resew the seams 1/8 inch smaller. These 3 rows fit beautifully.
This is my noon time hand quilting project. My dogie, Tazzie, takes her nap and I quilt. One side is completed and the top I am working on is almost finished. Goal to have to done by Christmas. Hard to see but the center section is all quilted and ready to move to the next section.
One of my flower beds. The yellow coreopsis are going to seed. I have been collecting the seeds for next year. They do brighten up the garden!

The fruits of our labor. We had 5 muskmelons all ripe at the same time. This one is a 6 ponder! Lots of zukes and cukes. Picked all the big heads of cabbage and now eating the little ones (side shoots). Tomatoes are slowly getting ripe.
It has been almost 4 years since we have had RAIN, beautiful rain. Tonight I filled up two big rain barrels and 6 - 5 gal buckets. Water everywhere.  Hopefully the drought in the Southwest is over.


Debbie Kelly said...

I love your easy street!!!! I made one also.It did take a lot of work since the pieces were so small but glad I did make it I have to assemble it.My husband loved mine when I laid it out on the bed... Thanks for sharing.I'm just starting the Love Entwined also.I am just picking fabric now .I like your colors also
Debbie Kelly

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I like that you say LE will be a 2 year project - I have a feeling mine will be too!