Monday, January 27, 2014

Wind Storm

 We had a giant wind storm around midnight for about an hour. Thought we were going to land in OZ!!!!  All these tumbleweeds flew in over the 6 foot fencing. All winter has been very dry in New Mexico and just a dusting of snow in the Eastern Plains.
Our beloved pet, Cinder.



Hello Linda, I am glad you all are safe and sound. Tumble weed are so foreign for me to see. We have 2 feet of snow in our front yard and it continues to snow off and on most days. It is been a horrific Winter for snow and cold. A few days ago it was -25 degrees below zero. No fun up here in the Far North. Hugs Judy

Quayceetatter said...

Tumble weeds are always getting into the dogs paws. It has been around 15 in am and sometimes warms up to 45 in pm. Bitter cold all over.