Saturday, February 14, 2015

Purple Doily and Blue Quilt

Purple Doily by Nancy Tracy has another round added. Those long chains are hard to master. The last round will hopefully bring it all together.

 Quilt is slowly getting quilted. I have started hand quilting in the flying geese border. The border on the bottom is machine quilted. The quilt is a mixed of hand and machine.
Sweets from my Sweetie!! Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!!
This blue quilt is for sure "slow stitching" but I will stay with it till it is done. Can easily switch to machine but felt the flower border needed to be hand done. I am pleased with the results. Come with me and visit Kathy's "Sunday Slow Stitching"   Lots of Eye Candy and nice people. Note: we all must be reminded once in awhile that there might be a mix of men and women  that is why I say  "people". Thanks Tim for reminding us!!! (:


CathieJ said...

What a pretty doily. That is quite a challenging pattern.

God's Kid said...

Nice doily! :)
Pretty quilt!! :)