Saturday, May 2, 2015

Tatted Doilies, Knitting and Hooken

Cherub Doily by Ann Wilson was tatted in memory of Cousin Bob who passed away from ALS. The bright colors to celebrate his life and will be mailed to his spouse. It is Lizbeth 20 153 - Rainbow Taffy

 Round 3 of Renulek Doily. An easy round of rings and chains, just make sure there are 3 rings before joining to the previous round. It's tatted with Lizbeth 40 163 Blue Ice.
My second pair of socks. The first sock is finished but ran out of yarn,  will knit  the second one later. This pattern is designed by Kim Goddard and is for beginners. To dress it up I knitted the rib and then did an Eyelet Ridge. They are knitted on size 2 with knit Pick Peruvian Highland wool. Love working with the yarn.
Adding more flowers to the Hook Rug.
The African Violets are blooming. They are all started with a single leaf 4 years ago.  In front are my herbs and need to get them planted in the planter.  Echinacea, Parsley, Sage and Thyme.
I stated all my seeds this year and really grew with my new grow light. In this state people do not know what broccoli or cabbage is! I have lots of tiny tomatoes.
This year I have started to grow most of my flowers in pots because of all the critters like the one below. Boy is he fast. Went between DH's legs this morning to get in to the crack of the wood fence. LOL He has doubled in size from last week. What we thought were gofers are ground squirrels. They run through the gofer holes and dig to the top and eat my plants. Look like a giant chipmunk.
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Quilter Kathy said...

Beautiful hand stitching projects!
Loved seeing your garden! It is too early to plant here, and I look forward to seeing vegetables in the garden. I have rabbit problems too!

Kaelyn Angelfoot said...

Oh, that doily is so pretty! Thank you for introducing me to something new, I've never heard of tatting before.

Sarah said...

You have been busy! Lots of lovely projects on the go!

Deb A said...

What a great variety of projects you have to work on. We have a wild bunny that causes havoc in my garden as well.

muskaan said...

Good tip for the Wiosna Doily !
Your garden is Glorious !!! And the output is so practical, besides being pretty :-)
Love what you have shared in all areas ...
Interesting tidbit about those squirrels, too :-)

God's Kid said...

Beautiful doilies!!! :)
We were just informed that my brother-in-law was just diagnosed with ALS recently.

cajunquilter said...

I did a little needle tatting a few years ago. I love knitting socks also! Have been crocheting some things for grandchildren recently more than knitting. Time to cast something on and since I have lots of sock yarn still maybe that will be the next project!