Monday, March 7, 2016

Baby Blanket and Tatted Socks for Ms Ella

Quilt is finished and ready to be mailed to Ms Ella in Boston, Mass.
The crazy quilt patches are machine quilted with the feather stitch and the rest is free motion stippling and Motifs on the blue border. This was shown in an earlier post. The mice in the outer border were stippled around them to make them stand out.

 Purchased knitted socks with tatted edging. It is an easy ring and chain but must stretch after each ring. This pkg of socks are from birth to 2 yrs so she will get some wear out them.
Knitted baby hat, the first one was way too small.

French knot tree and sheep Hexie block.  Along with a  beaded turtle and found these pheasant earnings, just what this block needed!  Learning to combine seam treatments. The top one has 3 with beads.

 Thank You for visiting me and love your comments. Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful projects people are working on at    Susan Flemming's Super Mom No Cape, Embroidery and Cross Stitch  on   Monday....


Deb said...

Lovely quilt, and the hexie block is so spring like I love the beaded turtle.

Anonymous said...

Those pheasants are just perfect with that block! What a lucky find. I like the seams you did, too. I also like your baby quilt and, after I read the title, I was thinking, "Who knew you could tat baby socks?" LOL Much more sense when I saw the picture. What a lucky baby with all that beauty and a pink hat, too!

God's Kid said...

Those baby socks are so adorable with the tatting and the colors are perfect!!! :)