Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This past month I have been making lots of hearts. Some for cards and the rest for a library display. There are many hearts free on the net and many thanks to all the designers. My notebook is over 2" thick! I made so many hearts that it was hard to keep track of . Putting them on a board with a post-it helped. Janice Blair's tatted heart is very easy for a beginner. My group of ladies have been making quite a few of them. The white is tatted with 20, red and purple 40 and the earrings are size 80.


Carol Lawecki said...

Beautiful collection of hearts. Have you tatted any of Icela's hearts? http://tattingbyice.blogspot.com/ She has quite a collection of heart patterns.

Happy Valentines day!!

Quayceetatter said...

Thanks Carol for visiting and commenting on my blog. I have Icela's patterns but have not tatted any. The patterns I selected are very easy to tat and is to encourage the inexperience tatter like my tatting group. I have one gal who became very brave and stepped out of her zoon to tatting split rings.

Paula C. said...

Very pretty hearts. I have printed out lots of freebies and need to give them a try. Thanks for the inspiration =)

Sharon said...

One of the hearts is attributed to Sharon Briggs, but I don't remember creating it, although I might have. There were some things on my web site a long time ago that have since been removed and I think one of them was a heart. Just in case someone else claims it.