Sunday, February 7, 2010

Post Cards for Military

I belong to the Vintage Quilting Society and one of our community service projects are postcards for military personnel. The postcards are hand embroidered by the ladies and mailed to any person in the military. I have been busy this past week making up crazy quilt cards to be embroidered. We are all tatters so tatting will also be sewen on. On the tail of the dog there is some tatting. Once the card is all embroidered, I finished them off with drapery backing for the center and apply stitch witchery to both sides. The back is prepared with bubble jet using a Kona Cotton and printed off the computer. The embroidered front and the printed post card are ironed onto the drapery backing. The card is trimmed and the edges are zig zaged to complete the finished postcard. Many thanks to Sulky Threads for donating the multi color threads to bind off and to our local Elks Lodge for paying the postage and materials.


Carol Lawecki said...

What beautiful post cards for such a good cause!!

Bonnie said...

What a great group effort!

Tatteristic! said...

What a fantastic idea and you have such wonderful support in your area to help.