Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow!!

Round two of Big Snow! Last week we received 1 1/2 inches with 4 ft drifts. This week it was wet snow that piled up to 5" and it froze onto the trees during the night. This is the most snow we have ever seen since moving to New Mexico on 1999. Last week's storm closed I-40 East and West of Tucumcari for over 10 hours. We are warm and cozy with lots of projects to work on!


Ridgetatter said...

I know, it is just unbelievable how much snow we've received here in the boot heel too! We've had 2 storms since Jan 27. Now we have had a couple of warm afternoons and a lot of them have melted a great deal of our snow. But it is still very cold. Is that a red Chow I see. They are such cute puppies, look like little bears. :>)
My husband retired from Cal Trans and moved a lot of snow on Donner Summit up at Cal Neva. He said if NM did the job correctly, they wouldn't have to close the roads.
That and not closing roads to all vehicles and trucks without chains ~ then the speed limit is 35 mph, but a lot of states won't go that route.
Stay warm! Bev

Nancy in Dallas said...

Wow! What awesome pictures. I know, pretty too look at....from the inside looking out!
Thank you for sharing. Being from No. Texas, we don't see much snow.