Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Judy's RR Block

Judy's Round Robin block is ready to move on to WA for more stitching. The flower material is very pretty so I just added sequins and beads to the center and some sequin birds. The red seam treatment is fly stitch using red rayon thread.
  I thought about many different designs and decided it needed a butterfly. The tatted butterfly is a SCMR (self closing mock ring) from the Shuttle Brothers.  I made a giant silk ribbon sunflower filled with french knots. The stem I used a dark rayon green and it did not show up on the dark purple. So I added DMC fluorescent effects green. It brighten it up!! The leaves are the fishbone stitch.

The second seam treatment I used a silver rayon thread and blanket stitch with straight stitches on the side. Rayon gold thread was used for the lazy daisy and a red bead for the center.

Here is Judy's block with Katy's and Linda's stitching.  The center Iris was machined embroidered by Judy. Judy plans on making a wall hanging for her daughter's new home.

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Vivienne said...

Gorgeous. I love your wandering stem with the half circle blanket stitch flowers. I love that stitch and use it a lot but always straight along the seam, never wandering like you have done. I really do like yours. Thanks for posting the photo on your blog.