Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Heavenly Orb

The Crazy Quilt International Group has a challenge for the Sun and Moon. I decided to enter the challenge right after Jane Eborall's Tat it and see that turned out to be an airplane. 

 Here is the center of the wall hanging. I had "sun and moon" material so I embellished it  with silk ribbon and beads. On the left is a red moon and beads from Guamilito Handcraft Market, Puerto Cortes, Honduras.  My girlfriend travels and this was a gift from her. The Owl and the Moon is a red work from an 1800's quilt.  It is hard to see but on the right of the moon is butterfly material heavily embroidered in gold threads. To balance the butterfly, I cut one from the material and appliqued it on to the left of the moon, also embroidered in gold thread. You will find bits of tatting and buttons surrounding the moon.
 The top right is a red work "Sun and Moon" kissing. You will find the pattern in Patricia Cummings E-book "Redwork Renaissance Revisited". At first it did not show up so I painted it with ink paints and happy with the results. Adding the outline stars, sequins and crystals it makes it stand out. At the top is an outline of the big dipper and  a handcrafted butterfly from Burano, Italy. It is an island off the coast from Venice. Another gift from my friend Jessie. Thanks Jessie, love all those little gifties and finally found a home for them!!!
 On the bottom left is a blue work "Crescent Moon Goddess" from a nineteenth century design. It is in Patricia Cummings book, "Redwork Renaissance". My first Crescent Moon Goddess is on my very first crazy quilt. I am so pleased that Patricia did a write up with a picture of my work for her e-book, "Redwork Renaissance Revisited". Please visit Patricia  at 

 The center at the bottom are my UFOs... The center one is made with felt and embellished with beads. The bottom UFO is a button that looks like a hat and streamers added. Saturn is made with the long and short stitch and a gold trim for the ring. The little dots are small squares and stars  all hand stitched with Kreinik Metallics.
On the right corner is the tatted airplane from Jane Eborall's TIAS. Thanks Jane for the fun adventure during the dreary month of January!! It is hard to see but above the first wing it is back stitched and reads, "Fly Me To The Moon"!!!! Of course there has to be a jet trail worked in silk ribbon fly stitch.
 On the top left side are two more moon goddess embellished with silk ribbon and beads.  The big butterfly charm was painted with blue ink and dusted with Fairy Dust!
The finished wall hanging with the label. I added a thin batting and hand tied through out the wall hanging. All threads were knoted and sewen back into the quilt so no threads show just a dot where the fabrics were connected.
It was a lot of work but challenging and fun!!


Suztats said...

Wow! What a gorgeous piece!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Happy Mothers Day Linda, Your Heavenly Orb is beautiful and very colorful. Your stitching and tatting is fantastic. Lovely quilt. Hugs judy

Laurie said...

This is drop dead gorgeous Linda! I love how you've explained this, it's just beautiful!!!!

Sandi said...

This is beautiful, Linda. What an incredible amount of detail and work you put into it!!

Quayceetatter said...

Laurie has left a new comment on your post "The Heavenly Orb":

This is drop dead gorgeous Linda! I love how you've explained this, it's just beautiful!!!!

Quayceetatter said...

Thank you ladies for your lovely comments. One always look forward and enjoy comments of their work.

Anonymous said...

Finally, Blogger says I can comment! Your work is beautiful. That's a treasure to turn into an heirloom.