Saturday, January 7, 2012

January CQ Challenge

The first week in the TAST Challenge is the Fly Stitch and looks like a Y.

The tan material has  a long vine made with Y stitches, on the sides the Y stitches are decorated with beads. The white material has a Y stitch along with an outline, lazy daisy and ermine stitches. On the tips there are 3 small y stitches. 

Naked Block


Susan said...

Linda, what great examples of Fly Stitch. I love how different they are. I keep looking at the one on the white and figuring out how you did that. It's so unusual. I love the red and green, too!

Quayceetatter said...

Thank you Susan for your comment. I made a big Y all the way down on the seam. With varigated thread I made a curve and stitched stright lines for the star. On the next Y I added three small ys and continued to the end of the Ys. Beads were added along the top of the big Ys at the end.