Friday, January 13, 2012

Teapot Embroidery and Tatted Hearts

The teapot embroidery is a block of the month from DMC. The top tatted hearts are patterns from Patti Duff.  On the bottom the pink heart is a pattern from Mark Myers and the red/purple from Victats. All the hearts are tatted with Lizbeth size 40. Hens and Chicks make a nice doily for the teapot and it was tatted with DMC size 10.  Karey Solomon needed blocks to make a lap quilt for a fellow tatter Kathy who had a stroke. The teapot block is my donation. 


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Linda, Your Teapot is very pretty and your stitching and tatting is lovely. I think the tatting makes everything more special. We finally got some snow but I reckon way down there in the south you have more. Very strange hey?? Hugs Judy said...

Where did you find the cute teapot?? I've been checking the DMC site, but not finding it.
I like what you've done with tatting pieces, too - another thing to learn!
I have a tatting needle (maybe a shuttle somewhere) but have not yet learned to use either.
I shall have to spend some time on your blog - lots of pretty things to look at - thank you!
Gerda in Alberta