Saturday, July 28, 2012

Crazy Quilt Block for July

July Block is finished!! The lower right corner is cross stitched using waste canvas. Not easy to pull the threads out and the trellis has the waste thread left in. It  makes it stand out. I just purchased some dissoluble waste canvas. Not sure if I want to wash this block out using this type of fabric. The dissoluble is not cheap. One sheet (8 x 8 1/2) was $6.50, had a coupon that took $2 off.  So I will stay with the waste canvas and pull threads.   The spider is a kit from Nancy Eha and the pattern is in her book "Bead Creative Like Crazy". At first I thought the body bead was really big (and it is) but really makes the block stand out. The web is all beads.

Nancy Eha's spider kit

Pattern can be found at

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Meari said...

Very unique CQ :)