Saturday, August 4, 2012

RR Jacqui's Honey Bees

What living creature can you keep about you that yields more pleasure, delight and profit, than these that possess so little room as a small part of your garden? 
John Worlidge, Systema Horti-Culturae, 1677

Jacqui has embroidered 6 inch blocks for each of us in the  Honey Bees, Birds and Butterflies Round Robin to embroider. I have a tatted dragon fly in the upper left corner and a beaded dragon fly in the lower right corner. A spray of silk ribbon spider web roses with yellow french knots and blue star flowers. A few red buds with a silk ribbon hummingbird and another hummingbird in the right corner. The bee skep is cross stitched on waste canvas using felt. It was cut out and sewed down with a blanket stitch. Silk ribbon delphiniums are in the back of the bee skep. They are made using a loop stitch and then a french knot to hold it in place.  A few lady bugs and bees swarming all over. A butterfly is tasting some nectar from a Button Hole flower with Feather Stitch as the stems.

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