Friday, September 25, 2009

Tatted pumpkins and Ghost

Pumpkins by Sherry Matthew works up quick with Lizbeth #20 Bright Orange. She uses the first ds of the JK for the stem. I asked the Here to Be Tatters Group if it made a difference which half you use working with the Josephine Knot. Most of the tatters use the second half because it is faster. The first pumpkin I did the first half of the ds and the second pumpkin I worked the second half. I found that the second half had more twist to it. Polly Womack replied that there is a difference and suggested making a sample of each with different size threads.
The "Scary Ghost" is a pattern by Mark Myers. Another easy pattern, however, you must follow closely and not be distracted! We had 2 sheep wander in the front yard while working on this. It is not an easy pattern to set down and pick back up. The diagram really helped. The thread is Lizbeth #20 white, of course!
Many thanks to Sherry Matthew and Mark Myers for designing these free patterns.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Silk Ribbon Post Card

A Crazy Patch, Silk Ribbon Post Card with a tatted butterfly is ready to send to a special person for their Birthday. The Silk Ribbon is hand dyed.