Friday, June 21, 2013

Hand Quilting

Did not like the way the border was quilting so I ripped it out. I mark with a #5 mechanical pencil lightly but had to  be removed. Shout, lightly sprayed on and with a toothbrush the marks were removed.  Next I sprayed with plain water to help remove the shout. When it is dried I can mark the blue and white with the feather stencil. Think I will use a chaco yellow.
The white chalk is faintly visible but it will disappear.
I have no idea where my mind was when I was marking this but was not happy with the results.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Top of Crazy Quilt

Began working on the top strip for a Crazy Quilt. I usually spend an hour in the evening working on a seam.  So there is about 7 hours of work in this strip already. It takes more time working out a seam treatment.
Hot and dry in NM but the pool is delicious to swim in...92 degrees!!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

CQ Cards

Made  cards for some people and will tuck inside an angel and bookmark. The bookmarks needed a little something special.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Purple WIP

This is an old DMC pattern All Rings with lots of cut and tie. It all starts with a small ring of 4 petals not connected. The small ring connects to the larger ring  (the small ring in the center).
 When making the small ring to connect there is always a small gap. On the first ring of the 4 pedals, working the first DS next I added a P  (I could use a Mock p in the beginning) and continue the stitch count weaving the beginning thread into the stitches. One less thread to weave in. Then tatted the next 3 petal rings. When the last ring is completed I joined to the beginning P and sewed the thread in. No more gap.
When making the big round to avoid another loose thread I used SSSR. Working the method above for the first 3 rings. On the 4th petal ring work the ring to the last P and make the SSSR.
CL the ring,  join to the first ring and make the loop around the shuttle and ring now close with the shuttle and you are ready to start the outer ring. This makes for a nice smooth and even rings when connecting to each other with no gaps and only one thread to weave in at the end of the round.
I suppose one could continue with SSSR making another small ring for connections but that is way too much brain power. I am happy the way it is!!! Besides it is good practice to weave some threads in!!(:
Gina Butler has an excellent video below for SSSR
    • By Gina Butler ·
    • 4 min ·
    • Added Mar 31, 2013
    This is the technique that Matthew Takeda created. It is shared on Bina Madden's site with his permission

                                              It is growing!! Time to do some measuring. (:

                                                                     Sun Set in NM