Saturday, July 28, 2012

Crazy Quilt Block for July

July Block is finished!! The lower right corner is cross stitched using waste canvas. Not easy to pull the threads out and the trellis has the waste thread left in. It  makes it stand out. I just purchased some dissoluble waste canvas. Not sure if I want to wash this block out using this type of fabric. The dissoluble is not cheap. One sheet (8 x 8 1/2) was $6.50, had a coupon that took $2 off.  So I will stay with the waste canvas and pull threads.   The spider is a kit from Nancy Eha and the pattern is in her book "Bead Creative Like Crazy". At first I thought the body bead was really big (and it is) but really makes the block stand out. The web is all beads.

Nancy Eha's spider kit

Pattern can be found at

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Waterfall in Ketchikan, Alaska

The Landscape group I subscribe to had a challenge on waterfalls.I found this swim suit material and it worked very well in making water. At the bottom of the waterfall I used Rainbow Blue Boucle yarn for the foam. Lots of thread painting.

Here is the original picture of the waterfall in Ketchikan, Alaska. We lived there for ten years and hubby has been there for 30 years working for RCA and Alascom long distance communications.  The left side is not water but the flash of the camera.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sharon's Quilt

In the spring Sharon (a crazy quilter) announced she had the dreaded "C". Knowing she will be going through a rough patch, Juli Levine, organized a group of ladies to make hearts and she would put it together. Here it is, beautifully done and Sharon has received it. We are all glad to here she is doing pretty good and still having treatments.  Below is my block for this project.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tatted Cat and Crinoline Belle

Both the Kitty and Crinoline Belle are tatted with size 40 thread.
Miss Kitty is a pattern by Inga Madsen in her book "Tatted Animals".  The color is Lizbeth thread size 40, Falling Leaves #100.
"Miss Caroline, the Crinoline Belle" pattern is by Martha Ess.   I had some problems with the skirt and need to make another one to see if I can get the lines straight in the center. Other than that it was an easy pattern to tat. The color is Lizbeth thread #620 Azalea Med. A bright thread color!  

Friday, July 6, 2012

CQI Pets Round Robin-Bella Donna

Here is Gerry Hookstra's block for the CQI Pets Round Robin. Her beloved dog, Bella Donna, is pictured on all 4 corners. Gerry's request is that we use threads to match her border paw prints. Bella is looking in the corner at something and I thought of many things like a cat, bunny but the beetle  seemed to fit in. The hearts are satin stitch with Fargo Roses in the corner.
Blanket stitch makes a nice border with straight stitches and a bead on one blanket stitch. The other blanket stitch are lazy daisy with a bead.
The center flower is a pattern from Sherry Johnson. Leaves are closed Fishbone stitch. The beaded flowers and buds are made with the Up Down Cast On stitch. Mr. Caterpillar is made from Bullion Knots. A tatted heart pattern by Mark Myers, Herringbone stitch on the side. To finish this block I used silk ribbon for stem stitch with Maidenhair stitch and beads.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!