Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Victorian Symbolism Parasols

My parasol is made with bits of lace, trim and silk ribbon roses. I have a tutorial at the end.

Leslie, our moderator for the Crazy Quilting Int has written an excellent article on the use of Parasols for the well to do Victorian lady.....
Women in the Victorian era were interested in maintaining their porcelain complexions so they carried parasols
as much to block the sun and shade themselves as they did for a fashion accessory. Pale skin was a sign that a lady was above the petty day-to-day toils of the lower-class working women. Parasols were also used as tools of subtle flirtation and instilled a sense of modesty while adding a mystery and allure.
The parasol was symbol of status. Umbrellas were accessories for poorer women, while wealthy
women carried parasols as a mark of social rank, since parasols were tremendously expensive.
Given their expense, parasols were often a popular gift for noble women by worthy suitors. Hugs......Leslie

Tutorial for making a Parasol

Lightly draw the above pattern on Pellon fusible sheerweight. Any pellon will work and does not need to be fusible, it is just what I had on hand. When using the fusible make sure the bumps are on the bottom and smooth side to apply the lace. The bottom could have more of a scoop if you wanted to.

Apply a wide piece of lace in the center between the 2 lines and sew it down with invisible thread. On the blue lace I added two pieces and sewed it down the center. Add lace on both sides of the center and sew down. Turn over and cut away the pellon. Glue trim on the bottom and sew down. I sew them down to prevent them from moving and the lace is so tiny it gets lost!!

On my Parasol at the top of the page, I cut the outside lace and applied a small braid down the sides.

It is time to apply your Parasol to your project and sew it down with invisible thread. Starting in the center at the bottom sew all the way around till you reach the connecting center at the bottom. Insert braid for your handle and complete the sewing. Using a zig zag couch the braid making a handle.

Now the fun part begins.... Using braids, ribbons, flowers, beads to embellish your Parasol...

Have FUN!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Crazy Block for Katy

I am in a round robin with the Crazy Quilting International Group. My round robin group is called the Fab15 or FFT #15 (Fabulous First Timers). One must complete the first timers before they can move on to other round robins. The reason for this is to see if one can follow all the instructions and mail their block out on time!!!  I am the first one to work on Katy's block.  I decided to do the diamond and made her a silk ribbon bouquet and a humming bird.  The silk ribbon is my own hand dyed. The diamond was outlined with beads. The pink fan is outlined with a chain stitch and inside are straight stitches and lazy daisy stitches. For the last seam treatment I added a bit of tatting using Lizbeth 20 Vineyard Harvest and the pattern Hens and Chicks.    This is the pattern I usually empty my shuttles with. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Crazy Quilt Blocks

Here is my "naked" block for the Crazy Quilting International group project, "Hearts and Hands for Sendai". I have embroidered the center block and will be  tatting hearts for some of the other blocks. All the blocks will be made into wall hangings and sent to Hideko in Japan. They will be on exhibit and then sold off. The money will be helping many people in Sendai, Japan.

The Crazy Quilting International group will be making a quilt with all the Flags in different countries. I chose the USA and the above is my "naked" block. Below is my designing process and took a couple of weeks  for the final block to be completed.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy St. Paddies Day

The lower half of the Shamrock Bookmark pattern is from Anna Burda Magazine and redesigned by Jane Eborall. Jane has made it easier with the split ring. A good pattern to learn Split rings because there is only one in the center!        The top half is a pattern from Susan Taliaferro. I omitted the last round and should have tatted it with dark green like the one below. However an emerald gem and green ribbons dresses it up.
For the tassels below I tatted the center shamrock, chain 20, S/R 6, chain 10 and joined, repeat for the other side.
 To the side of the shamrock above I  cross stitched a clover on soft, linen material. These made nice place mats. 
Have a Great Saint Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Funds for Japan

The Crazy Quilting International group will be raising funds for Sendai, Japan. Our Japanese CQ Sister, Hideko Ishida, lives in Sendai (visit her blog on the right side). All funds will go directly to Hideko..NO MIDDLEMAN. For a complete description/guidelines for "Hearts and Hands for Sendai", Please visit Cathy's Blog "Crazy by Design",   http://cathyscrazybydesign.blogspot/  (Note; if this does not come up please use my side bar under blogs)
 Cathy is one of our Moderators and has it all written out where one can contribute money and make a block if you so choose.  Funds can be sent by check, money order payable to ICQA or Paypal (using paypal check gift). Email icqa4u@yahoo.com.
These will be awsome blocks when completed and for a good cause.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mug Rugs

Lots of Mug Rug swaps in different groups and seams to be the latest "New Thing" on the net! A Mug Rug is a place to put your mug on with a snack. This is my version I am sending to my swap partner
along with a few goodies below. I should have added a few cookies but I did not forget the tea!!
It is a great place to add small tatting and see how that new variegated thread looks....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chocolate, Silk, Snow and Bday!!

Look what arrived in time for my Bday!! Chocolate and Silk Material, Oh MY!!! IsDihara had a give a way and I was lucky #43. The chocolate is delicious and the hand dyed thread (Vanilla Sky) by Tatskool is just gorgeous!!   She also sent a journal, naturally called.."Dream in Chocolate" .
Many thanks Karen (IsDihara) I will treasure the Journal and thread but the chocolate is
yummy, yummy in the tummy!!  (:
The Silk and Talbot's ties were purchased through the International Crazy Quilting group. Leslie Ehrlich did all the hard work of purchasing and dividing them up. Very pleased with the assortment of colors, Thank You Leslie!!  The material  will fit nicely into the US Flag Project I am working on.

I know you people up North and East do not want to see any more SNOW. However, here in New Mexico it is very precious!! We have been so dry all winter and very happy to see any kind of moisture. All the critters and plants are happy also.  I hear the robins singing and the daffies and crocuses are popping up all over.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gifts from Tatting Friends

My Red Hat Girlfriend mailed this to me for my Birthday. Barb is an expert Knitter ( Purple center)and a very good needle tatter ( Red Edging). A special gift from a special friend!

My Secret Tatting Angel mailed me this beautiful pincushion with very nice tatting around it and on top. Also included was a heart and some bits of tatting threads. I can think of 6 different projects to try them out.
Surprise Spring is here in New Mexico!