Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tatting Motifs

Maple Leaf pattern by Tammy Rogers. Tatted with Lizbeth 100-Falling leaves in size 20. 
 Humming bird pattern by Heather Johnson. One of them got into a fight and has a wonky beak!!
Tatted with Lizbeth 137 Berry Burst in size 20.

Snowflake 2 pattern by Roger aka Freedman. It is a very easy pattern worked up in two rounds. The outside are chains with a small ring at the tip. The tread is  Lizbeth snow white size 20. The pink heart is by Patti Duff, tatted with Lizbeth 145- Pink Parade size 40. The humming bird is a pattern by Karey Solomon worked up in a SCMR. It is one of my favorite bird pattern to tat up along with the Lizbeth 20 - 156 Watermelon. Jon's dragonfly also works up very quickly and nice to add in lots of projects.

These are for gifts and exchanges.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sun Catcher

Here is a sun catcher tatted up with Lizbeth 156 Watermelon. The pattern is by Nancy Tracy and very easy to work up. I added a few glass beads in the center but did not read the pattern and there is an odd number of picots. So the last two picots have no beads and decided to put them at the top to balance it out. A designer touch!  Nancy used a 3 inch ring and I used a 4 inch ring. In order for the tatting to be attached I tatted another row of chains with about 8 picots per chain section and that worked out. The tatting was attached with invisible thread and a bell at the bottom. It is very pretty in a window.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tatting Exchange

Rose Anne Burdeny from Winnipeg, Canada tatted the bell and Christmas wreath. Rose Anne was my tatting exchange person in the Needles and Shuttles Yahoo Tatting Group.  The bell is the perfect size as I like small motifs and the wreath is just stunning with all the beads.  Very nice tatting and THANK YOU Rose Anne!!!!!

Here is the card Rose Anne sent along with the tatting.  When I opened the envelope I said ...WOW!!!  The Crazy Quilting group has a new round robin and it is all about sewing... Just think of the possibilities one could do with this card!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Rattle Snake

 I let the dogs out and we all walked right pass this small diamond back. He must have just eaten because he did not rattle or coil.  Our place is all fenced with metal and he must have squeezed in. One can see to the upper left where I opened the gate and stood on the cement to open it.   It has been so hot (24 days over 100) and DRY this summer. This is the first rattler we have seen but we do have 5 ft red racer and a bull snake roaming around. They eat mice and suppose to keep the diamond backs out.

Hubby shot the head off and he coiled. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Christmas in July Tatting Exchange

Needles and Shuttle Yahoo Tatting Group has a Christmas in July Tatting Exchange this month. Here is what I mailed to my dear lady in Canada.

Christmas Bell tatted with Lizbeth Snow White #20. The pattern is from Pam Palmer. I altered the pattern to work it in one continuous item by using a split ring. Also added beads on the bottom and one Iridescent for the clapper.

Sewed up a lacy tatting bag. The ribbon can also hang from the wrist while tatting.

Ten yards of Lizbeth Red Burst size 20, small wood shuttle with a little Lizbeth thread, some is tatted up using Hens and Chickens and a Magnet card using the Red Burst and pattern Hens and Chicken. Made a nice little hat for the dogie.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Crinoline Ladies

Twelve Crinoline Ladies ready for a new home to be embroidered.
The pattern is from Pam Palmer, "Tatting Treats Two".

The ladies have been washed with Purex and Lavender, blocked and sprayed with Mary Ellen's Best Press Lavender spray starch.

This Tatted embroidered lady I added to a round robin block for Ruby.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fourth of

Friday, July 1, 2011

Post Card

CQ and Tatted Post Card