Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Water Color Barn

A couple of weeks ago I attended my first water color class and this is the results. I much prefer painting from a dvd because you can take your time and back it up many, many times. Usually I tape the painting programs to my dvr. I have an acrylic painting of a gristmill that I need to get back to. Too busy now getting ready for a quilt/painting Show the first of March.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Cards

My Valentine Cards to special people. The top card is the front for all cards. The second card was sent to Karey Solomon, my secret valentine from the net. The third card is for my Mother. The last card for my local tatting exchange at the Senior Center. "Fairy Dust" was sprinkled on the cards and all over the studio!!
I made a delicious frozen pie for my local tatters. Yummy, Quick and Easy!!
Gently fold 2 (6 0z) cartons blended raspberry yogurt into 2 c. sugar free Cool Whip. Spoon into Oreo Crust, cover and freeze until firm (at least 3 hrs). Remove pie from freezer 30 min before serving. I added 1/2 cp raspberries to the cool whip mixture. Top with 2 cp thawed frozen raspberries before cutting.

Friday, February 12, 2010


The first heart is a new 2010 pattern called Enchanter from Jon Yusoff.
http://tatsaway-patterns.blogspot.com Very pretty heart and works up quickly. Love the dimpled ring and only 1 split ring to continue to the outside rings and chains. It is tatted with size 20 Lizbeth Angel's Love Thread. Thank you Jon!
The second heart is from my Valentine Exchange, Jeannette Moore from Cato, New York. A very pretty heart and nicely tatted. I also received a pretty card and note. Thank you Jeannette for the beautiful heart.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This past month I have been making lots of hearts. Some for cards and the rest for a library display. There are many hearts free on the net and many thanks to all the designers. My notebook is over 2" thick! I made so many hearts that it was hard to keep track of . Putting them on a board with a post-it helped. Janice Blair's tatted heart is very easy for a beginner. My group of ladies have been making quite a few of them. The white is tatted with 20, red and purple 40 and the earrings are size 80.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Post Cards for Military

I belong to the Vintage Quilting Society and one of our community service projects are postcards for military personnel. The postcards are hand embroidered by the ladies and mailed to any person in the military. I have been busy this past week making up crazy quilt cards to be embroidered. We are all tatters so tatting will also be sewen on. On the tail of the dog there is some tatting. Once the card is all embroidered, I finished them off with drapery backing for the center and apply stitch witchery to both sides. The back is prepared with bubble jet using a Kona Cotton and printed off the computer. The embroidered front and the printed post card are ironed onto the drapery backing. The card is trimmed and the edges are zig zaged to complete the finished postcard. Many thanks to Sulky Threads for donating the multi color threads to bind off and to our local Elks Lodge for paying the postage and materials.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow!!

Round two of Big Snow! Last week we received 1 1/2 inches with 4 ft drifts. This week it was wet snow that piled up to 5" and it froze onto the trees during the night. This is the most snow we have ever seen since moving to New Mexico on 1999. Last week's storm closed I-40 East and West of Tucumcari for over 10 hours. We are warm and cozy with lots of projects to work on!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crazy Quilt Seams

Here is a block sent to me from Georgia for the Palmetto's Scholarship program. I still have a few more seams to go. On the lower blue block I have a design marked out and ready when ever the tatting is finished. I have found a neat edging for the orange. The first strip is tatted and then the second strip is attached to the first. Really neat. The center motiff is a leftover for a Christmas ball.