Sunday, September 30, 2012

Frauberger Challenge

  • Georgia's tatting class last Monday was this Frauberger Pattern.  After the 4th trial and error I decided to finish this one. The outer edges are wonky, not nice, smooth rounded chains. The first pattern was only a diagram and very confusing. Then came a written instructions and some did not jive with the diagram. Nina Libin rewrote the instructions and perhaps this will help others.  I can use it for a coffee cup mat!!
  • This pattern is definitely challenging....

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Lace Mat

Jon Yusoff ( has charted "The Lace Mat" by Norma Benporath. There are several people in this Tat along sharing ideas.  I have tatted the first part using Lizbeth 152, Christmas Green Mix.
The second round. When pinning it out I noticed a ring missing, UGH.... I clipped and removed the whole section and retatted. Lots of threads to sew back in but it doesn't show and was happy with the  results.  I have decided to stay with the multi colors instead of changing to a solid for the next round.
Thanks Jon for sharing this beautiful Lace Mat.
The instructions are very clear and it is easy for a beginner if they make it 5 rounds. I would suggest one makes the 8 clovers then attach them to the fourth round. Hegla wrote out the instructions for split rings and Jon charted it. I will experiment to see which is the easiest for me. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Frog in the Lily Pads

August block is finally completed for the Crazy Quilt Journal. I finally found a home for Mr. Frog. It is sitting on a felt pad amongst the cattails. The reeds are long woven picots. This is a new stitch for me and is easy to work up. Cattails have a bullion tip and heavy yarn for the body couched down. A silk ribbon water lily on the right corner and the center are embroidered lilies with beads. To the right are bullion daisies with feather stitch stems. The dragon flies are beaded with lazy Daisy sparkly ribbons. I normally do not add big buttons but this yellow is a glass button with a bead on top to hold it down. And four flower buttons  at the bottom of the embroidered lilies.

The Frog on the left was tatted with size 40, Lizbeth Leafy Green. He was too big so I tatted another in size 80, Lizbeth Spring Green. This one fit in and I did not tat the pad. The pattern is from Pam Palmer's "Tatting Treats Two". I did make one change. I used 2 shuttles and did one split ring after the eye so there were no extra threads on the back side.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Miss Caroline, the Crinoline Belle

This is Lisa's block for the next Crazy Quilt Round Robin "Bugs, Bees and Birds! Lisa hinted that she would like  a tatted lady. I have tatted several different versions and decided Martha Ess's "Miss Caroline, the Crinoline Belle" fit in this area. The pattern can befound at
The only problem I had was the long chains. I snugged them up tight, sprayed them with water when I had it pinned out, however, there was one that just would not behave. 
The cross stitched arbor is loaded with silk ribbon roses. The purple with a pearl are stem stitched and the others are Fargo Roses. A silk ribbon hummingbird and a spider who spun a web in the tree leaves with Lady Bugs.
The bottom has a silk ribbon butterfly and two giant ants made with beads. The seam treatment is a Chevron Stitch with a bead and Lazy Daisy leaves. Sequins separate the stitches.

Here is the block so far. Jacqui's stitching is on the right. Beautiful colors to work with and will be a beautiful block when completed.