Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rug Hooken and CQ Block

A project from the 70's and time to finish the hook rug.

 I took an online class with Kathy Shawkl. The past few weeks I have been working on this CQ block. It is ready to hand quilt just need the right color of thread.

The center of the Feather Star is complete and now time to quilt a Star.

Sunday is our time to walk the doggies around the loop at 5 mile park. It is a short walk and the final loop the dogs say it best....Time to Go Home!! I think it is less than a 1/2 mile around and DH can just make it. A nice stroll.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Quilting, Hooking and Embroidery

I hand quilt an hour or so every evening. This is what I have accomplished in a week. Below are the stencils I am using. The bottom stencil is new kind without the open lines and not plastic, like silk screening. Just run the Quilt Pounce over and ready to quilt. Here is the website Once I have the chalk on and start quilting some of the chalk disappears on the other side.  I have a solution for the  chalk marks to stay on. I cover up the section I am not quilting on with a piece of batting. The batting clings on and no pinning.

A relic from the 70's!! I started hooken then and life happens.
 The wool is not the same color but it was the best that I could find. Lost my hook along the way also. I purchase the one on the left and the hook was too big and uncomfortable in my hand. I found Joan Moshimer hooks made in Maine and is a smaller, comfortable hook. Like the one I used way back then. I was told they do not make that canvas any more.  I am using a rotary cutter to cut 1/8 inch strips. A rug cutter cost between $300 - 700.  I might put it aside till next fall and perhaps this summer I will find a color closer or white and dye it when I travel back home to upstate New York.

I am taking a free, online basic CQ class with Kathy Shawkl. One must take this first before going on to the advance classes. An excellent way to learn CQ. If you are interested in this class here is Kathy's blog and she will post the next time it begins again.  The best part is that you work at your own pace and doesn't have to be done in a week.
Happy Easter. Check out the eye candy on Kathy's blog.....
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