Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Eggs, Bunnies and a Chick

Front and back of  satin eggs. The tatting pattern is Snowflake 9 in the book, "Festive Snowflakes  & Ornaments", edited by Barbara Foster. The egg on the left is tatted with Lizbeth 10 Purple Med #632 and Rainbow Taffy #153. The egg on the right is tatted with Lizbeth 10 Xmas Green #638 and Fruit Fizz #139.

My Nephew Aedan's  first Easter! He was born April 2, 2014. The pattern is from the Raspberry Rabbits by Michelle May.  The chick is a pattern from Ulla's Quilt World.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Applique and 1930's Snowball Quilt

Finally putting together last year's Block of the Month from our local quilt shop. I took four of the blocks put them together without sashing. Made a border with flying geese and squares in the corners. The next border is white where I have added applique and butterflies. The butterflies have been appliqued down and will do a button hole stitch to make it pop. The leaves will all go in one direction so the eye can follow the blocks all the way around. Below are the different ways I applique. The butterflies I have back based and needle turn, Stems are sewed on the bias and used the bias bars to iron them flat with seam in center. To the side you will see the nifty Clover Bias Maker, however, I could not find my 1/4 inch. The leaves and circles I use Karen Kay Buckly's method using a plastic template and iron the edges over with spray starch and paint brush. The circles are the same using a plastic disc found at a Hardware store.  Sometimes I use a glue stick just to hold the applique but still like the tiny applique pins. Not a big fan of gluing my pieces as I find it to be too stiff to needle and messy.

This lady is looking for a person to hand quilt this beautiful snowball quilt. It was made in the thirties by her grandmother. I gave her some good advice and people who hand quilt in our area. I do not have the time to start another adventure!!! The first advise is to make sure there is a label sewn on and that she  writes everything she knows about this quilt. And yes that is a brass bed!!  She also had a complete set of dish ware from Penny's back in the 30's. I had never seen this pattern. It was beautifully display and in perfect condition. My girlfriend, Peggy, went with me and it was an enjoyable afternoon.