Saturday, September 28, 2013

Glass Mat

The glass mat is a pattern adapted by Kendra Goodnow from Semco Book. I had tatted the same pattern some time ago and used a plain color Lizbeth #132 for the chains. This time I CTM using size 20 Azalea Med Lizbeth #620. It is a quick and easy pattern and can be found in Handy Hands Tatting Newsletter, Winter 2011.

Monday, September 23, 2013

DAY 7 & 8 2013 TIAS by Sherry Pence

Love the different techniques, Floating Rings and Onion Ring. A great learning project.
A beautiful "L"!! (:

 Day 3 & 4. I blocked Day 3 so it was flat and not cupped. One can see the importance of having all picots the same in the beginning. Interesting pattern!!! (: 
Isn't this a pretty Heart or maybe a Balloon.... 
Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta starts Oct 5-13

Sherry Pence has started a "2013 TIAS" (Tat it and See).  Day One  is very easy but you must know how to do split rings and use a Picot Gauge. You can purchase one or make one from a DMC plastic thread holder and put them on a ring. We are to use size 20 thread and my color is Lizbeth 679, Lime Green. The pattern is written out and also has a  diagram, very easy to follow. Visit Sherry's blog for more information and joining in the fun...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Vest and Shuttles

It is growing and beginning to take shape!! I now have 35 large Rings and 28 small rings. It takes 1 hour to make one large ring.  The DMC pattern is All Rings and I made modern day changes so there are less threads to tie in.  It all starts with a small ring of 4 petals not connected. The small ring connects to the larger rings and it is also the start of the outside large ring of 12 using SSSR. For more information on the SSSR you can read about it on the June 2 post.
The vest is on top of a rug I had woven back in the 70's.

Why Shuttles?? I recently purchased the "fake Mexico" Aero and very disappointed. It is NOT USABLE.  The hook is on the side where you pass through the threads, it is not on the side where  the bobbin goes.  If anyone does not want their German Aero I will gladly take it!!  The new Aerlits are nice but slightly bigger and does not fit in my hands as the Aero does.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hand Quilting

Last week I hand quilted this block on the Snowman quilt using a square hoop. I have a Q-Snap frame and it takes more time to snap it together. Spending a whole day trying to snap one side an idea came forward.  Plastic....why not soak it on Hot Water to make it pliable. It helped but why bother when you can just sit down and move the hoop in any direction sitting in your recliner with less frustration.  Hope to finish the other end this week. I quilt an hour after lunch while Tazzie pup takes her nap.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Tucumcari Flood

Woke up to see water every where, sounds like Niagara Falls!!  Even woke up all the bull frogs!!! Ribet..Ribet only they have a deep, deep, rumble. LOL   This is the drive out to the main road and water right up to the asphalt.  We needed rain and been in a drought the past 4 years. This will help a lot just wished it had not come all at once.

Watching the bridge. This is a new bridge built about 10 years ago but never know with this much water if it will stand up to the pressure. Look at the sign and that is about the amount of water that is in this creek.  The rain stopped for the day after  raining  2 nights and a day.