Sunday, January 23, 2011

TIAS Days 3 and 4

Days 3 and 4 on Tat It and See from Jane Eborall...What is it???? Jane is a genius when it comes to connecting threads. She does not like to cut and tie!!!  There is a lot to learn when working with Jane's patterns and I love them.  It makes the brain work.....I am not sure I have any cells left!!!(:

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Shuttles

Sue Anna mailed to me 2 beautiful pop-a-bobbin shuttles filled with Wildflower and lime green, Lizbeth #20 Threads. The first shuttle is Cocobolo Rosewood with the lime green thread. The pattern can be found in the Antique Pattern Library and Gina from Threads of a Tatting Goddess, is using the pattern for a challenge in vintage motifs. I decided to play around with it and using split rings one can tat till the thread runs out. How does one become a pro with split rings?? By reading and tatting patterns from the Queen of Split Rings...Jane Eborall!!!! Thank you Gina for sharing this on your blog.
The second shuttle Cedar with Wildflower. The butterfly shows the thread off and pattern can be found in the Handy Hands Cat. The pattern for the bookmark/edging is Spring Flowers by Julie Patterson.
The purple "What is it" is my Day 2 with Jane Eborall's, TIAS.. More on this latter.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mr Hawk

Mr Hawk is waiting for breakfast!! We have a gazillion sparrows eating the chicken feed and hang out in the dried asparagus ferns which are about 6 feet tall. When the chickens make a racket you know who is visiting for a meal... DH went out and cut them down yesterday. The sparrows have moved into the cedar trees away from the chickens.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wedding Quilt

My niece will be getting married in 2012. She loves any thing hand made. This is the beginning of an appliqued quilt. It is a pattern by Beth Ferrier, the Queen of Hand Applique by Machine. I still have 32 leaves, 12 buds and 12 flowers to turn under and then I can place them on the background and start hand appliquing. I will have to design the outer edge because I want it for a queen bed. Beth will be starting her new BOM soon and it is gorgeous!! Check Beth's blog out under my blogs.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Chinese Coin Bookmark

Chinese Coin Bookmark designed by Jon Yusoff is an easy pattern for split rings. Jon has 2 versions and it is a visual pattern. I chose the one pass where the left side is made first and then the right side is joined to the left as you go up. I can visualize tatting one side and using it as an edging on crazy quilting. The thread used in this bookmark is Lizbeth #147-- size 20.

VA Post Cards

Susan from Tenn asked for cards to be given to Veterans in a Tenn Nursing Home for Valentines Day. So I made five cards, put some embroidery stitches on and tatted small hearts. It is a small way to give back and put a smile on their face.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Jane's TIAS Intro

This is Jane's first Tat It and See (TIAS) for 2011. I looked all over for my shuttle to begin the practice piece. I found a bobbin in the gravel outside my studio. So I took a closer look and that is all there was of my shuttle. It must have fallen on the floor and the red, fur ball, culprit was guilty!! It was a Bday gift last year from my daughter. The shuttles (Pop A Bobbin) are made by Jane's sister & husband. Will need to buy another one. They are a little big but like them because of the good tension.
The Continuous Thread Join Technique was interesting.
For more information on the TIAS and bobbins click on Jane's Blog, Tatting and not a Lot Else, on the side bar.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thrift Store China

The peacocks really caught my eye at the thrift store. No cracks or chips but also no tea cup to go with it.): I still liked the design. They are all marked Spode Copelands China England. In a wreath it is Warring & Gillow LTR, Oxfords London. I can see all types embroidery!!
Back of Peacock dish.

These cups I have no idea where they are from.