Sunday, October 25, 2009

Heather's Exchange

Heather Johnston from Hastings, PA was my Needle Tatting Exchange partner. Heather hand dyes her yarn and it is for sale at Heather's Designs. The pumpkin is size 10 hand dyed orange. I have made the same pumpkin in sizes 20 and 80 and it is interesting what size they are when finished. The beautiful earrings are her own design tatted in size 30. The hand dyed thread is called Harvest Time. I really like these because they are dainty. The hand dyed thread is size 20, Bali. She gave me instructions on how to work with it. So this will be a first experiment! Thank you Heather, I love it all and what a nice tatter you are.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Lizbeth Variegated Threads

Beginning at the top left the first red edging is done in Red Burst #142 and the second edging is Desert Bloom #110. The edgings are sewed on to a collar of a jacket. The third edging is jelly Bean #119 and it will go on a t-shirt.
The next color is Springtime #115. This is a very delicate color, one of my favorites.
In the middle are the new variegated threads
that just came on the market. Christmas Green Mix #152 has more white than I like but still a nice color. Angel Love #151 also has more white. The design is a generic pattern
ring and chain. The first one is all white with jingle bells on the outside. The second one has gold beads. Both have red beads in the center. One can compare how the looks with the plain verses variegated. The last picture is Caribbean #122. It is a very bold color. When working with small motifs as the butterfly not all the color will be use. You will have to play around with the starting points to get the variegated look you want. Some patterns are better suited for variegation thread and other patterns are not. I like the threads without the white.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween is fast approaching! My cards are finished and in the mail. The bat and ghost are tatted with Lizbeth 20 and the patterns are Mark Myers. The pumpkin is tatted in Majestic 80 and the pattern is by Sherry Matthews. There are lots of pumpkin patterns, it is finding the time to tat them! The post card started out with tulle on muslin and free motion down. I use stiff drapery underlining and iron on stitch witchery on both sides. The front and back are then ironed on. Trim up the edges and sew the border. My Halloween partner is Heather from the Needle tatting group.