Friday, August 31, 2012

Tatted Wheelbarrow with Silk Ribbon Flowers

The last stitching on the Crazy Quilt Round Robin for Alice Topp. The block needed some color. So I tatted a wheelbarrow from Jane Eborall's pattern and filled it with silk ribbon flowers. A colorful beaded dragonfly was added using silk ribbon wings and a cross stitched kitty. To separate the block I added a zig zag chain stitch.

Here is another picture before flowers were added. Jane is famous for her split rings but other than that it is an easy pattern.
Pattern can be found at              Thanks Jane!!!

Here is the complete block.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mini Wall Hanging

Mini wall hanging to cheer up a friend! The pattern is part of a Bom "Wooly Wishes to Ewe". It can be found at
Little bits of tatting with gems add some bling!
Chop sticks make a nice hanger.

I have tucked this beautiful cross inside. This is an easy, gorgeous pattern designed by Gina Butler.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fields of Clover Doily

 Fields of Clover Doily by Nancy Tracy., is completed. One can continue on for a much larger doily but this is the size I like.
It is easy and a quick  pattern to tat till you come to the Clovers. They are easy but takes time to tat them. Usually I tat one in an evening. The tread is size 20 Lizbeth 145, Pink Parade. I used a 1/4 inch Picot Gauge for all picots.
I have tatted many of Nancy's patterns and she is one of my favorite designers.

Monday, August 6, 2012

CQ RR Pets Block for Darlene

At Crazy Quilting International  I am involved in a Round Robin with our pets. Here is the finish corner of the block of my work. Darlene wanted lots of bling, tatting and critters.
On the right corner is a piece of tatting with beads to hold it down. The blue fabric had lots of dragon flies and I have applied silk ribbon with beads flying all around. The center is a cluster of spider web roses with a spray of flowers and a hummingbird. A silk ribbon butterfly is ready to explore other parts of the block in the upper left. Other stitches are the Chevron with sequins and straight stitches, lazy daisy bows and the  wheat ear stitch.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

RR Jacqui's Honey Bees

What living creature can you keep about you that yields more pleasure, delight and profit, than these that possess so little room as a small part of your garden? 
John Worlidge, Systema Horti-Culturae, 1677

Jacqui has embroidered 6 inch blocks for each of us in the  Honey Bees, Birds and Butterflies Round Robin to embroider. I have a tatted dragon fly in the upper left corner and a beaded dragon fly in the lower right corner. A spray of silk ribbon spider web roses with yellow french knots and blue star flowers. A few red buds with a silk ribbon hummingbird and another hummingbird in the right corner. The bee skep is cross stitched on waste canvas using felt. It was cut out and sewed down with a blanket stitch. Silk ribbon delphiniums are in the back of the bee skep. They are made using a loop stitch and then a french knot to hold it in place.  A few lady bugs and bees swarming all over. A butterfly is tasting some nectar from a Button Hole flower with Feather Stitch as the stems.