Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Divine Spark Design Beads

Look what I received in the mail today....One of my gifts from the CQ Quilt Show! These are beautiful glass beads from  Divine Spark Designs by Jenny Friske-Baer.

Jenny creates one-of-a-kind handmade lampwork beads and glass. Also make fun hand stamped word charms and etched copper charms! She works with Borosilicate glass (a.k.a. hard glass)  and also with premium Italian glass such as Effetre and Vetrofond, Creation is Messy (CIM) glass, Double Helix, Gaffer glass and Bullseye (all of these are also known as soft glass).
These are just gorgeous, many, many Thanks Jenny!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Winner of CQ International Competition

I am absolutely thrilled to win first place at the CQ Quilts Are Quilts Too Show World Wide Competition!! I am still awestruck!! Not to mention that my hubby is too!!! I am still reading the post to make sure it is really me.

Wonderful prizes that I could never afford. This is just delicious!!!!!
To win first place by the International Community really makes one feel good about their work.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birthday Card

Birhtday Card for a Dear Friend

I was a lucky winner  at Crazy Quilts Are Quilts Too Show Sponsored by Thearica Burroughs! Awesome.... It is a package of Bali Pops with 40 2 1/2 wide Batiks strips. Very nice prize and Thank You Thearica for the prize and putting on this great CQ Quilt Show. Lots of talented ladies and yummy "eye candy"!!  

Here is the start of my pocket book using the Bali Pops..

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gina Brummett

Today we remember our friend and tatter, Gina Brummett.

Here is a pattern, Rosette in Tatting, Gina had reworked for modern tatting.
Gina had several patterns she designed and shared with the Tatting Community. Nancy Tracy published an Owl pattern in Dec 2011. Gina and I both worked on it with emails regarding a problem with the pattern. Friends helping Friends, she is already missed by many!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Greetings

Wishing everyone a wonderful Valentine's Day!! has posted the instructions the last 3 weeks for this beautiful wall hanging.  I only did the two parts and there is a third.
The hearts have tatted edgings and a few tatted hearts attached to the wall hanging. One heart has silk ribbon flowers with beads and the other is done with satin stitch and silk ribbon leaves. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Crazy Quilt Show

                Crazy Quilts Are Quilts Too
Sponsored by Thearica Burroughs

 In the year of February 2006, three ladies started the Vintage Quilting Society at our Senior Center. People were giving us bags of ties and  fancy materials for our quilts we were making. I would search the net for new stitches and patterns, perhaps you might see one of your designs, and show the girls how to stitch them. One of my first blocks was the 2006 in satin stitch. All I need now are three more strips to add and the quilt will be completed.  There will be a space with the year of completion!!

The jacket is constructed  from denim material with a  medallion sewn onto the back. It is made with fan wedges decorated in many of the crazy quilt stitches. The center of butterflies are stitched down with the button hole stitch.

Here is a purchased shirt front and back. The CQ material was sewn to a light weight muslin. It has CQ stitches, flowers are Brazilian Embroidery and the bee,  heart flag,  butterflies and trim are my tatting. This piece was sewn on to the back and front. On the front pocket is a silk ribbon heart with beads. I also scalloped the bottom of the jacket to give it a designer touch.

We all love Christmas Stockings.

Kevin lives in Boston and loves the water. I found this cross stitch of a boat in a bottle. I love adding cross stitch and tatting to my work.

One of my favorite pocket book patterns. It is so easy to piece and add your favorite stitching, tatting and beads.  It has a zipper closing and lots of pockets on the inside.

A small pouch decorated in CQ stitches, beading and tatting.

This is my block for "Hearts and Hands for Sendai". It was a  project the International Crazy Quilting Group put together after the devastating earthquake in Japan. The blocks were put into wall hangings and were
mailed to Hideko Ishida, our Japanese CQ Sister in Sendai. 
These wall hangings will be exhibited in Japan and will raise money by viewing the quilts and auctioned off. All proceeds will be given to a charity designated by Hideko. This is a tiny part Hideko's Quilting Sisters can do for Japan.
Hideko blogged about all the blocks that had cherry blossoms like this one.

The International Crazy Quilting Group are putting together flag blocks from countries around the world. I have chosen the United States and there are over 22 more flag blocks. It will be put together as one big quilt and sent to our  CQ Sister, Hideko. Hideko will enter them in Japan Quilt Shows and will be sold. The money  will help the victims of the Sendai Earthquake. 
My USA flag blocks has  lots of crazy quilt stitches, silk ribbon and a tatted eagle. (Pattern by Nancy Tracy)

Crazy Quilt Squares for Tat Days Scholarship 2010

The seams and motifs on this block are all tatted. It was made into a quilt along with many other tatted blocks from other talented tatters and auctioned off.
The proceeds went to the Palmetto Tat Days Scholarships.
The quilt  raised over $3,000!  It was a magnificent quilt.

A CQ block.

Post Card

The design is a 2008 block of the month by Victorian Quilt Designs. I have chosen to do my own embroidery stitches and added the center of Learn, Laugh, Live and Love.

Hope you enjoyed the Quilt Show!

Thearica Burroughs will be showcasing all Crazy Quilters who wish to participate in this show on her  blog starting  February 1 and running through February 15th.
Competition pieces will be showcased for people to vote for their favoite piece of art and lots of beautiful door prizes will be given away!