Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CQ Journal Project Block one

The CQ Journal Project is a challenge for  crazy quilter's to expand their creativity and improve their individual technical skills. The idea is to complete a block a month and in December one is to put it all together. My goal is to make a lap quilt with 10 inch squares. TAST is to Take A Stitch on Tuesday with Pin Tangles. Every Tuesday a Crazy Quilt Stitch will be given. Please click on the left side bar to see both of these sites and all the wonderful stitching that is being done by Crazy Quilters.
Block one is completed.

The cretan stitch is the last  TAST stitch on this block. The upper left is traditional cretan with sequins and a in the  bead center. The bottom are lazy daisys with a bead.  

 On the lower left is a bigger cretan stitch filled in with Fargo Roses and a few silk ribbon bees.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Valentine BOM

Valentine Sal has been completed for this week. I might tat some small hearts for the centers or perhaps edging around the hearts.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CQ Block 1 Feather and Blanket Stitch

On the left is a feather stitch with green, straight stitches and beads. The butterflies are silk ribbon with pistol stitches for the antenna and 12 bullion wraps for the body.

To the right is a vine with  the fly stitch and beads. Silk ribbon bees hum over the vine.

Here is another simple version of the feather stitch with silk ribbon flowers and beads.
On the far right the seam is blanket stitch with lazy daisy and a bead in the center. The purple block has foxgloves and hollyhocks made with the blanket  stitch. A silk ribbon snail is in the left corner with lots of silk ribbon lady bugs. The butterfly at the top is also silk ribbon with beads. I have also added fly stitch at the bottom for the grass.

Note: Some CQ books will have either Blanket Stitch or also Buttonhole stitch. Judith Baker Montano calls it a Buttonhole stitch and Joan Waldman  has it as blanket (buttonhole) stitch

Friday, January 13, 2012

Teapot Embroidery and Tatted Hearts

The teapot embroidery is a block of the month from DMC. The top tatted hearts are patterns from Patti Duff.  On the bottom the pink heart is a pattern from Mark Myers and the red/purple from Victats. All the hearts are tatted with Lizbeth size 40. Hens and Chicks make a nice doily for the teapot and it was tatted with DMC size 10.  Karey Solomon needed blocks to make a lap quilt for a fellow tatter Kathy who had a stroke. The teapot block is my donation. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

January CQ Challenge

The first week in the TAST Challenge is the Fly Stitch and looks like a Y.

The tan material has  a long vine made with Y stitches, on the sides the Y stitches are decorated with beads. The white material has a Y stitch along with an outline, lazy daisy and ermine stitches. On the tips there are 3 small y stitches. 

Naked Block