Monday, February 16, 2009

Brazilian Embroidery Circle of Flowers

This is a beginners class in Brazilian Embroidery. We all have the pattern "Circle of Flowers" with thread except me. I have purchased a lot of BDE Threads for another UFO Project. Now the thread has found a new home. For the Branches to form the Circle I used Iris 160 in a stem stitch. The twigs are a couching stitch using Iris 162. The leaf pattern is the Leaf Stitch just like the Fishbone Stitch in Crazy Quilting. If there is a difference I would like someone to explain it. The thread is Iris 302. It is a thread with green and gold so I manipulated the thread to where I wanted the colors to be. Our teacher is Rita Goff. She is very good explaining and has clear illustrations. We all thank her for taking on this project.

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