Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crazy Quilt Wall Hanging

This is the completed project for the Monthly Memories Wall Hanging. The sleeve has been sewed on and ready for a show this weekend. I did not give the exact web site and here is an email from the designer correcting it. Please check her site out.
"Your CQ Wall Hanging is wonderful!!
It turned out lovely...and I hope you will allow me to add it to the site in the Gallery?
I visited your blog and found your posts about the project.I know nothing about blogs, and don't know if you can go in after-the-fact and correct, but if you can, can you correct the name of my site?
You have Victorian Quilt Designs...and my site is Victoriana Quilt Designs with the 'a' at the end of Victorian.Let me know...and again...Lovely!" Benita Skinner

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