Sunday, June 20, 2010

Denim jacket

I purchased a plain denim jacket and sewed on the yolk when the embroidery was completed. The foundation was a loose muslin to sew crazy patches on. The center is Brazilian embroidery. The pattern is by Cate Grundy and can be found here...
There are lots of tatting, beads, and crazy stitches. The whole yolk was placed onto the back and front. Smoothed out and pined well, then top stitched all the way around. At the shoulders I stitched across the seam and stitched most of the seams of the Brazilian Embroidery with invisible thread. That holds it to the jacket so there is no rippling or sagging. Tatting was attached to the collar and cuffs.

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Rose Anne B said...

This is just LOVELY!!! Beautiful!