Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Cracker

Christmas Crackers is an English Custom. It is a tube filled with goodies and then wrapped. The Crazy Quilting International group has been doing this for the past few years and this is my first time. Oh what fun it is to find threads, needles, material, candy and on and on till it is packed and overflows with gifts wrapped on the side! The wrapper is a crazy quilt patch and it is up to you to add the stitches. I stitched a lot of stitches with silk ribbon embroidery and added 2 pieces of tatting, however, I do not know the person who designed the heart. I usually make a bunch of hearts and put them in a box to send or add to CQ later.
On the left upper corner, the tatting is 1/2 of the pattern "Angels in the Snow" by Miranda. A charm was attached in the center and reads "DREAM BIG"!!
Miranda's blog-- had a contest last year to name the pattern she designed and I won. There were over 40 entries and all had good names. For me it just looked like "Angels" we made in the snow when we were children. My prize from Miranda was a beautiful tatting book by Catherine Austin, "A New Twist on Tatting", thread, the pattern and the best of all was a tatted "Angels in the Snow"! Just gorgeous and will treasure it always. Miranda is very generous in giving. The pattern can be found on her website and she is selling it for $3.00. All the proceeds will go to the Brain Injury Assoc of New Mexico. Please go to her website for more information and lots of "Eye Candy"!! I am waiting for my cracker to arrive.

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Miranda said...

What a great use for the snowflake! And I do think that the popularity it has achieved is partly due to having such a great name. Thank you again for giving me the name!