Saturday, March 10, 2012

February CQI Block

February's block has been completed.

The center block has Martha Ess's tatted dachshund and a cross stitched turtle in a field of fly stitch grass and pink flowers made with french knots. The Morning Glories are back stitched and the Daisy flowers are tatted. Bees, lady bugs, and a butterfly are silk ribbon. The dragon fly in the right corner is silk ribbon with beads. Herringbone Ladder Stitch is on the green material with the Deerfield Stitch (Herringbone) on the right.

The Dragon fly is beaded and the wings are made with the Interlaced Herringbone Stitch. Hummingbird is silk ribbon using the straight stitch.

The top is Herringbone Stitch and silk ribbon straight stitch with a bead in the center. Flowers are Lazy Daisy filled in with beads. The bees needed a home!! The skep is made with felt for a base and straight stitch across and buttonhole stitch for the bricks. Bees are silk ribbon.

The bottom left corner is a stink bug. Using felt as a base with a satin stitch in black thread to cover it. The sparkle thread is DMC Emerald Isle using the satin stitch. The head is stitched across and the body up and down to give it a wing or shell affect .  

The spider web was stitched first and then the branches and leaves were added. By doing it this way makes you think how the web is woven into the branch. It makes the stitching flow. The spider is a beaded body.



Lovely stitching Linda, Hugs Judy

NickiLee said...

What a fun block! So much to see -beautiful stitching!

Rose Anne B said...

That is a very lovely block Linda! Well done!!!

Quayceetatter said...

Thank you ladies!!

Cathy said...

This turned out so whimsical and cute, Linda. A delightful block!

Lavender Rabbit said...

Adorable! Such a cute design :)

Bear said...

This is STUNNING!! and its such a lovely block
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo